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Stop sending money out your door…

Have you ever stopped to think how much revenue you are sending out the door in oral surgery referrals? If your practice refers out even 5 patients a month, and that patient receives an average of $3,000 worth of treatment, that is over $180,000 annually that the referring practice doesn't see a dime of.

What if the surgeon worked for you? What if you received a portion of the revenue generated by your valuable referrals, without having to worry about the liability, risk, and equipment involved in hiring a surgical associate?

Welcome to Moonlight Oral Surgery.





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More Convenient

Our services improve the general dentist’s practice by bringing oral surgery services directly to their patients. The ability to offer specialized services in-house is an added layer of convenience that will only add to your patient’s comfort and trust in your practice. 


Stop referring patients to another provider when you could own the revenue stream. With our unique partnership structure, the practice earns a passive income, in form of a percentage of production, from the cases our surgeon completes at their office.

More Freedom

Practice owners can book our surgeons on-demand, knowing that they will come to your office with everything they need to perform their procedures. Our surgeon can be equipped with their own surgical instruments and supplies along with the necessary instrument loadout for any procedures.

Unlike hiring an associate, there is no long-term commitment. Practice owners can choose their preferred oral surgeon when they want.



Practice owners do not have to concern themselves with the high costs, stress, and responsibility of liability associated with surgical procedures. Moonlight Oral Surgery ensures all of our surgeons are fully licensed, certified, and equipped with everything you need.



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